Schemes by NaMo Government (existing also)

Since the very start of new Government (Namo I will say), Indians have seen number of national level schemes getting implemented around them. National level schemes include Swach Bharat Abhiyan, Jan Dhan Yojna, consolidating Aadhar Cards and many more. Here we will discuss some of the common schemes that are useful in terms of long scope and every Indian citizen should enroll themselves under those schemes if applicable).

Schemes to enroll in India

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Clean India initiative no doubt is one of the best scheme (or we shall say a scheme that is well promoted through all possible channels) on cleanliness in India. It is not the first ever scheme of such type but the level of promotion and initiatives has made it different than the schemes which existed earlier.


Clean Ganga

A separate ministry is setup for this initiative. Not only from the religious point of view but we should play our part in Clean Ganga initiative as it is considered as the life line of huge number of Indians living around its corners/banks. Ganga has the potential to feed most of the Indian households with fresh water on its alone. If Ganga is cleaned properly then that will be one of the best achievement of NaMo’s government.

Give up LPG Subsidy

I support this scheme as it enables Government to pass on the benefits to ones who actually need it but would like the same commitment from Indian Ministers. They must also give up all the things that are less required to them so that the associated money can be used in people welfare at right levels. It will help them to gain more trust in people’s eyes also.

Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card is an existing scheme that aims at allocating an unique number/ID to every Indian citizen. Lot of things are already done at this part but few things are still left. We will keep you updated.